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Before going into the heart of the matter, a reminder about the operation of a pool of credits.

The best solution for the successful financing of this nature, the ideal is undoubtedly to seek an Intermediary in Banking Operations and Payment Services (IOBSP).

But then why is it more interesting to call on a broker expert in credit redemption? Simply because an IOBSP in RAC is supposed to know all aspects unique to its business sector which is the debt restructuring market.

Thus, the financial advisor specialized in loan consolidation has all the cards in hand for a fast and rigorous handling of the client file in order to negotiate a low cost of borrowed money (interest rate) by the borrower. best conditions of the moment.

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After having experienced it, when a person is looking for a loan of money type credit consolidation, the process is to leave out the good old paper directory for the virtual Internet network! Searching the web is a good thing, but it is better to know how to do the sorting in order to avoid the intox and get rich information.

So what you really do not want to do for a debt restructuring is to trust the commercial sites to benefit from a credit repurchase at the best rate.

In fact, the aggregate credit application entered by the Internet user wishing to obtain a reorganization of the equity in the consumption and/or real estate credits is transmitted to several professionals distributing the financial product. These will contact the prospect to make proposals.

In other words, individuals do not have the opportunity to have several proposals online, it allows them to get in touch with several same companies, and ultimately get 10 proposals for almost identical refinancing!

Credit restructuring broker: what to do!

Why as an individual would it be wise to go through a comparator?

While making the smart choice of a loan redemption broker, it offers the privilege of comparing online credit buy-back offers with a true financial advisor in debt restructuring.

It is highly preferable and in the interest of individuals to choose a serious brokerage firm experienced exclusively in the search for financial solutions to individuals, and in the investigation of loan reorganization files to complete their project.

Better to choose a single intermediary to ensure a real exchange with his interlocutor (account manager ). It is obvious that duplicating is counterproductive. In other words, it is useless to send the same documents ten times to financing brokers who all work more or less with the same banks. This amounts to having 10 times always the same proposals of redemption.

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The role of the expert broker in credit buyback

Why as an individual would it be wiser to go directly through an expert?

The role of the expert broker in the redemption of credits is to negotiate directly with his privileged banking partners in favor of his client. He is the intermediary between the bank of the repurchase of credit and the borrower.

The loan offer comparators are useless to the extent that the broker is a comparator! It is that the BIO is responsible for building the file of his well-crafted client in order to present it later to all the major banks specialized in the credit pool. With a panel of banking partners composed of all the RAC houses in mainland France, and acting by choosing the bank that will make the best proposal, the applicant will necessarily have the best proposal in all cases, unless the broker faces another. choice…

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